Fundraise or Donate to CARE Social Suppers

Donate or Fundraise for CARE

Help CARE fight poverty, and provide hope, dignity and economic opportunity.

Donate via your host’s personal fundraising URL to track the total impact of their Social Supper.

All registered hosts receive a unique fundraising URL (usually included in their welcome email. Use that URL to invite your guests and other friends or family to donate to CARE and track how much you have successfully raised for CARE. The Host Toolkit includes a sample message that includes fundraising language.

What your gift can do:

  • $17 can get:
    One-on-one business coaching for 3 girls
  • $58 can get:
    Two training sessions for village women’s health workers
  • $72 can get:
    School uniform for four girls
  • $116 can get:
    Scholarships for two girls to attend one year of secondary school
  • $277 can get:
    Business mentor training
  • $460 can get:
    Set of 4 latrines for a school