Girls, Women and CARE

Girls and women make up the majority of the more than 800 million people living in extreme poverty. They are at the center of all that CARE does because they are both most affected and most effective in creating change in their communities.


About CARE Social Suppers

CARE Social Suppers is a dine-and-dialogue initiative in which hosts bring guests together for an evening of food and shared conversation with a purpose.

Guided by a CARE-provided toolkit with talking points and other curated materials, and calls to action centered on advocacy and fundraising, Social Suppers is driven by community-building and engagement with a focus on women’s and girls’ issues such as child marriage, economic empowerment, education, health, poverty and social justice.

When you host or attend a CARE Social Suppers dinner party, you help amplify the voices of women and girls around the world, bringing awareness to their issues and driving your friends and family to take action for good.

With your help, we can come together over intimate meals and stand as a community to enact real, lasting change for the women and girls who are impacted daily by poverty, social injustice and humanitarian crises.

Why Girls and Women?

It’s simple: in the world’s poorest communities, girls and women bear the brunt of poverty. Addressing systemic inequality is critical to helping them overcome many of the underlying structures that make them most vulnerable, trapping them in the cycle of poverty.

CARE places special attention on working alongside women and girls because when equipped with the proper resources, they have the power to lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty. That’s why women and girls are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve education and health, create economic opportunity, respond to emergencies and confront hunger.


About CARE

Founded in 1945 at the end of World War II, CARE works around the world to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Women and girls are at the center of all we do because they are both most affected and most effective in creating change in their communities. Empowered women and girls become catalysts for positive community change.